I Love Food, But I Love Me More!


I Love Food, But I Love Me More!

There is a very popular saying that you should eat to live and not live to eat. That is so true! Personally, I love food. I love the sweet taste of chocolate and the hint of salt on a cracker. I especially love a little spice on a burrito and the crunch of a deep fried egg roll. I love food. I love the way the cheese melts on a burger on the grill. I love the lemon flavor in a pound cake and the tenderness of a good steak. I love food. I smile when I think about what I am about to eat. Food is definitely a happy treat. As much as I love food and all of the flavors that make my day, I love me more.

The food that I love makes me hate how I feel. I hate the way my stomach bubbles after I eat those bbq baked beans. I hate the way my head hurts after I eat those pork ribs. I hate how bloated I feel after I have had milk with my cake. I hate the guilt that I feel after I eat those cookies and pack on the pounds that I have worked so hard to get off. I hate the consequences of eating all of the foods I love. God knows, I love me more.

But do I love me enough? Do I love me enough to walk away from the cake? Do I love me enough to bake instead of fry? Do I love me enough to deny myself the second helping of the macaroni and cheese? Do I love me enough to substitute the cookies for fruit? Do I love me enough to drink more water and less sweet tea? God knows how much I love food, but I love me more.

Every day we wake up, we are faced with a challenge. We have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “Do I love me enough to make the right choices?” I desire to live a long life, do you? I desire to grow old and see my children’s children and their children too. I desire a healthy life where I can run and play and keep up with whatever life brings my way, do you? I desire the energy necessary to make it through my day, how about you? I realize that eating too much of the wrong foods is hurting me. I have to discipline myself in order to have a healthier life. I have to recognize that food is not my friend, but the right foods are a necessity to live. So I will eat to live and not live to eat and I hope you will too. And yes, I still love food, but I love me more!!

Be encouraged,

T Brown

Thank You for the Review!

This review is from: Women in the Waiting (Paperback)
This is truly an awesome book. If you are married and unequally yoked, you need to purchase this book. If you are single and want to get married you need to purchase this book. This book gives some life changing insight on marriage. Prophetess Tamika Brown is truly an anointed Woman of God and I pray that this book will bless you as it has blessed me.
If you have read the book, please put a review on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or Westbow Press. I can’t get the message out without you!

What Kind of Man Will You Attract?



I heard a single man say “Bump twerking, can she cook?” This not only made me laugh, but it also made me think. What are you presenting to the man you are trying attract? If you are advertising your sexy clothes and sexy dance then you are going to attract a man that wants to sleep with you. If you are advertising your bad attitude and bitterness you will attract a thug. If you are advertising holiness and God’s love you will attract a Godly man.  Times have changed and it is so easy for people to know what you are about, or at least what you are putting out.  When you are looking for a job, one of the first things they do is look at your social media pages and check out your history.

***NEWS FLASH*** When a good man wants to marry a good woman, he is looking at her history on her social media page, too.  A God fearing man won’t marry the one who is posted up with her drink in her hand and her breast hanging out. He won’t marry the one who has pictures with a different man every other month. He is looking for God fearing woman who he is not embarrassed to bring in the church and home to his mama.  He needs to be confident that she can raise their children in holiness, if they decide to have any.  And if you look ratchet, he doesn’t want you raising his daughter and have her looking like that.  He wants a woman who loves God and shows it by the fruit that she bears. Take a look in the mirror and take a look at your social media pages.  When the man of your dreams finds you, will you draw him in or drive him away?

***Disclaimer- Notice I said a God fearing man. There are plenty of men who will marry a woman whether she is God fearing or not. There are plenty of good men out there who are not saved. You just have to know what your desire is for you and your family. To each his own!

T Brown 

How do you deal with difficult people?




Do you realize that there are people in this world, that no matter how nice you are to them they will always be mean. They will dislike you just because of who you are and what you represent. Most of the time, we make it spiritual and say that people don’t like the God in you. But even outside of that, people just won’t like you, period! You represent what they wish they had. You represent their failures, their dreams, and their desires, their lack, etc.

Let’s talk about this for a minute.

  • If a person is miserable at home and every time they see you with yours and you two look happy, it makes them sick. They will wish they had what you have. They may claim they are happy for you, but honestly, it is hard for people to celebrate you when they are down.
  • Do you notice how broke people try to tell you how to spend your money? “Why would you spend that much on a purse? Are you sure you can afford that? Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s.” They will try their best to make you feel bad about what you have worked hard for and what you have been blessed with. If they don’t have money to enjoy, they will make you miserable about spending yours.
  • Do you notice that when you do your job well, there is always one who will look for something that you are doing wrong just to bring you down to their level of production. They don’t want to do what it takes to look good so they will try to make you look bad, too.
  • Have you every noticed that when you start growing in Christ, people will tell you, you are too deep or too spiritual. It was ok when you went to the club and went to church because they did it too. But when you decide to clean your life up and have a real relationship with God, now you think you are better than them. They only say that because they are still stuck there. Don’t take it personal.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, today we are talking about envy and jealousy. This isn’t the only source of hate, but it is a strong one. The crazy thing about it, is people will want what you have and not realize that sometimes you don’t want what you have.  You’re up praying and crying because you are trying to figure out how to keep what you have. People want your position because you do your job well, but you hate your job and you are miserable. You still have some things that you are working on, you don’t have it all together like they think. If people knew the intimate details of your life, they wouldn’t be so jealous. So think about these things the next time you meet some jealous person or you realize that you are the jealous person:

  1. Don’t worry about the ones who are treating you wrong, that is a reflection of their own life. Treat them nice if they cross your path, otherwise don’t make them factor in your life. But if God sends you to them to witness, than be obedient.
  2. Don’t be jealous of what people have. You don’t know what they went through to get what they have. And you don’t know what they are going through to keep what they have. The grass might be greener on the other side, but believe me, they put some work in.  I believe that’s why Paul said Phil 4:12 NIV I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. He knew it took some work 🙂
  3. Don’t let others dictate how you enjoy your blessings. If you want to post a picture of your new car, do it. Just remember to remain humble and thank God for making it possible. You don’t have to tip toe around your blessings so people don’t get offended. Your very presence offends them, so you might as well live to the fullest.
  4. Don’t forget where you came from. You were once that person who didn’t have. So don’t take it personal when they treat you a certain way. If you are that miserable person now, then know that you won’t always be where you are. Don’t be mad at people who have climbed the ladder. Don’t be bitter, but be better. Work hard and trust God to get yours too.

I hope this encouraged you and I pray that your weekend is wonderful. HAPPY FRIDAY!!!