I Won’t Go Back!


Everyone is making resolutions to do something new or not to do something old in 2015. People are looking to change for the better. Some are even saying, “I won’t go back.” I began to think about this phrase as well as a song I like to listen to called, “I won’t go back.” In order to not go back, you first have to have left somewhere behind. Some people are in the same place that they were in 2013. Some people have the same mindset. If it is the end of 2014 and you are just as miserable as you were at the end of 2013, you have not made the necessary changes to move forward. How can you expect to have a positive mind when you watch filth on tv all day? How can you have a loving spirit when you meditate on seeking revenge. How can you elevate in Christ when you have not developed a relationship with him? We think we have done something magnificent because we get up and go to church. We think if we pray a little bit our life should be perfect. Well, I have a newsflash for you. Church people are going to hell too. God expects us to let go of carnal, worldly thins and draw closer to him.

Luke 9:62 And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

If you really don’t want to go back to your old self make sure you are new. There are some things that God will do for you and some things you have to decide to do on your own. Don’t start this next year off with a lie. Don’t make a resolution and then not keep it. Live it day by day. Start today. Whatever your flaw is, work on it diligently. Don’t quit until you have reached your goal. Then you can look around and say, “I won’t go back.” Happy New Year’s to everyone. I am signing off until the 1st. I will let you know how wonderful our New Year’s Eve service was and all of the lives that were truly changed. I have come way to far to even think about going back. “I won’t go back!”

Be encouraged!

T Brown

Christmas Gift for Your Youth!

We are always trying to get our youth to listen to music that will lift up their spirit and not feed them all of this worldly garbage. I had the privilege of not only listening to this CD, but watching Meria Shantez minister at a youth revival. She poured her heart into this CD as well as the youth revival. The Holy Spirit came in like a flood and young people were instantly healed and delivered. I am not into gospel rap, but I love this CD, “KingzKidd.” It has an anointing that destroys yokes. Some of the songs brought tears to my eyes. Some of them made me smile. It is very uplifting. You don’t know what your teenager is going through that they are not telling you about. This CD ministers in so many areas your child may be facing. Some of them you may not even be ready to deal with, but I guarantee they are probably dealing with them. Go buy this CD quickly. Some of my personal favorites are Survivor, Chosen, and Brand New. Our kids are chosen, they have survived so many things, and our desire is for them to be brand new in Christ Jesus!

You can find it on ITunes, Amazon, Cdbaby, or Google Play. Ok, get off Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress….go download and buy the CD! Thanks for your support and I know you will enjoy it. KingzKidd by Meria Shantez

T Brown

The Perfect Christmas Gift!

There are so many things that you can give as a Christmas gift. The greatest gift of all has already been given to the world and that is Jesus Christ. Hopefully you have already received his gift of salvation. Now if you are looking for a gift that would offer someone hope this Christmas than you should give someone “Women in the Waiting.” This book has spoken to women all over the world. They have spent many nights crying and discouraged feeling like there is no hope in their unequally yoked marriage. This book will not only encourage them, but give them the tools to endure the trials and draw closer to God. I have received testimonies from many women and they have testified that this book explained so much of what they were feeling and going through.

Absolutely wonderful book! Tamika Brown does an awesome job of sharing her story of God, love and marriage! She keeps it real and uses scripture as reference to what she’s taking about. I’m glad to have read it, you will not be disappointed! It will definitely help you reevaluate yourself and your walk with God to help save yourself and your marriage. It’s good to have someone share their story so you know your not alone. Its a must read!

If you know anyone who is unequally yoked, believe me this book is a perfect Christmas gift. If you know any single women, this book will make them think twice about marrying unequally yoked. We know that all things are possible with God, but it won’t be necessary if you wait on God for the right mate. Please gift this book to someone. They will be so glad you did. And if you need it, get it! You can find it on www.amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Westbow Press. My husband and I have been married 20+ years and it was only God who made that possible. Please share this blog and this inspirational book. Thank you for your support and be encouraged.

T Brown

Women in the Waiting Book Signing- Athens,  Alcropped-cropped-women-in-the-waiting-2.jpg

How much more do I have to Take?


How much more do I have to take? That would depend on what God has planned for your life. So many times we make the mistake of thinking that everything that goes perfectly smooth, has to be God. Other times we think that just because things are not going right, it can’t possibly be God. The only way to know what is or what is not what God is to know him and to know his word. You must have a relationship with him.

  1. The first step is to repent and believe that Jesus died for your sins and accept his gift of salvation.
  2. Then you must start learning who he is by reading his word, The Holy Bible.
  3. You must develop a relationship with him through prayer. Speak to him and listen for his response.
  4. The more you start learning his word, the more you will start changing how you live and the closer you will be to God in relationship.
  5. The stronger your faith grows, the more you will be able to endure!

As you develop a relationship with Christ, remember that life still goes on around you. There will be good and bad situations. Some will last for a day. Some will last for a week. Some will seem like they will never go away. Always remember that God is not to blame for your bad situations, but he can certainly calm your fears, hurt, anger, and disappointments if you let him. He will speak to you and you will know what you should do. If he allows you to go through a bad situation, he will give you peace. He will comfort you. He will strengthen you through the process. When he tells you that you need to get out of the situation, then follow his lead. If he instructs you to stay in it, believe me he has a plan to work it out. We want all of the blessings, but we are not willing to complete the course that leads to the blessing. There are no short cuts in kingdom living. Everything has an appointed time. So, how much more do you have to take?  Not necessarily a right or wrong answer, but a simple answer would be as much as God wills for you to take. Remember, he won’t allow you to go through something that he can’t bring you out of. Jesus followed all the way until death and God resurrected him…Follow his lead. No matter how dark or dead the situation is, with God, it will always end in life!

Be encouraged.

T Brown

The Choice is Yours!

If you believe it, yif-you-want-your-life-to-change-your-choices-must-change-and-today-is-the-best-day-of-your-life-to-beginou will receive it! How unfortunate it is that many don’t believe. If you are waiting on God to change a situation on your behalf, believe that it will be done. When there is absolutely is no possible way that it can work out, that is an opportune time for God to get the glory out of your life. For some reason, we seem to think that our circumstance is unique. We somehow  think we have a different set of guidelines to follow just because we are in a particular situation. God’s word does not change based on the person, the doubt, or even the situation. His word is true and remains the same. We have to stop choosing to believe a lie. We can have and can do everything the bible tells us we can as long as we are born again, and obeying his word. The word still works! There is power in the name of Jesus! There is hope in Jesus Christ! There is power in his word! And yet, you choose not to believe. Notice I said choose. We decide how we want to feel each day. We can decide to focus on the negative or focus on the positive. We can decide to complain or rejoice. We can decide to believe or not believe. If you are in a bad mood, you choose to be. If you are are walking around defeated, you choose to be. We can choose life or death every time we are faced with a situation. But whatever we choose, will not move God out of position. He is still on the throne with all power in his hands, waiting on you to choose him. Will you change the way you think today? Will you choose to believe? Will you choose to make today the beginning of better days in your life. The choice is yours!

Be encouraged

T Brown