Are You In The Way Of Your Destiny?

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Never let anyone get between you and your destiny. That includes you! The battle from within can be a lot stronger than the battle from without. People have opinions and negative things to say which can affect us, but our inner voice is with us 24/7. Think about how many times you talked yourself out of doing something amazing because you didn’t think you could. Think about how many times you said you weren’t good enough. Think about how often you tell yourself other people can do it, so why should you. Now, imagine if you could take those same thoughts and launch them into the atmosphere in a positive way. Try this: Talk yourself into doing something amazing, because you can! Tell yourself you are good enough, because you are! Tell yourself you can do it, because you should! You are an amazing person, and you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to if you keep God first. Talk it out. Walk it out. Your destiny awaits!

Be encouraged,

T Brown