Decide To Want More!

Do you ever get tired of being the same, fighting the same battle, and never overcoming? Decide to want more out of life. Do more than you have been doing. Give more than you have ever given. Trust more than you have ever trusted before. When you desire more, it will require more. Be willing to not only want more from God, but do what is necessary to achieve, obtain, and maintain more. Today is a new day. It is time to make some changes that will effect your life permanently! We somehow find a way to want more material things and work for those things, but when it comes to spiritual things we are at a loss. It is time to switch it up! The abundant life is here! God we want more of you!

Be encourage,

T Brown

Monday Morning MotivationĀ 

We must make due use of the opportunities that are before us. We must walk conduct our life and regulate ourselves with wisdom. If we lack wisdom, God will give it to us if we ask. God does not want us wasting time. When we don’t use wisdom we spend a lot of time trying to fix what we have messed up. We must have an excitement to do good. Doing good buys us more time. So use wisdom on this week and and let God redeem time you feel was lost. #walkinwisdom #redeemingthetime #redeemingmytime

Where You Are Is Not Where You Are Going!

We get so thrown off by where we are and what we see. Our current situation is reality, but it is not our destiny! The only person who should be discouraged about where they are is the person who is not taking steps to leave where they are. Those who are daily walking by faith, seeking God’s wisdom, and making changes should rejoice!! You are not staying where you are. You just need to accomplish what you are sent to do or gain what you are meant to know while you are there. Your destination is ahead. The journey is what you make of it. Don’t lose sight of where you are going. 

Be encouraged, 

T Brown