Thank you!

Everyday I find more reasons to be thankful. I just wanted to tell everyone who follows “Women in the Waiting” on Facebook,  WordPress, and Twitter,  thank you. My desire is to spread the gospel and to inspire people to live victoriously! I couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for all the tags, shares, and follows. I don’t take any of you for granted and I pray that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

T Brown

Oh How He Loves Us


Some people believe in God. Some people don’t. His love for us goes beyond what we could even imagine or understand. His love has no boundaries. Imagine a love that exists when you know people will not receive you. Imagine a love that stands strong when you give up on it. Imagine a love that will reach out to you, when you walk away from it. Many are searching for that kind of love and still have not found it. God is that love. What a love he is. And if you are searching for love, then search no more. Oh, how he loves us.

T Brown