Faith Faith Faith!


This quote really speaks for itself. Funny how we think we have faith until things start going badly. Well, it’s not faith until you can’t do anything about it. As long as you can fix it or you see the plan, it doesn’t require your faith. Faith says even though everything has gone wrong, I am still ok. Faith says no matter what the outcome is, I’m still ok. Sometimes, I wrestle with that. I am a woman of crazy faith, if you know anything about me, but accepting what could be….takes a little time to adjust to. Today I am embracing the outcomes that I don’t desire because that is the key to my faith producing what I truly desire. I am no longer afraid of what could happen and what I don’t want to happen. Today I am free to believe God and be ok with everything he has for me. I pray your faith increases and you continue to keep walking! It is by faith!

Be encouraged,

T Brown