Still Waiting…

Does your wait sometimes feel like this picture? Lol…and yet, we still wait. God will not fail you, whether you wait alone or even in dark times. God will give you more than you are expecting. He is intentional in preparing our blessings. Be patient because time is in his hands and so are you. What God has for you cannot compare to what we think he has for us. Wait it out, it will be worth it in the end! #waitingonGod

Be encouraged

T Brown

God is Faithful


431894_521125107933716_1045092968_nThere may not be a whole lot you can count on in life, and there may not be many you can depend on. BUT, God is always faithful. He is faithful whether we deserve it or not. He is faithful whether we trust him or not. He is faithful because that is who he is. He loves us and will never let us down. Today is another day that you can give him thanks and believe without a doubt, he will come through because God is faithful.

Be encouraged,

T Brown