Meet us there tonight! Free admission!

2017-Women's-Conference (1)

We have been anticipating what God wants to do. This is not your average conference. Don’t worry about what to wear, how bad or good your day went, just come. The only thing you need to bring is your expectation of what God will do for you! See you there!

9582 Madison Blvd Suite 4 & 5, Madison, AL 35758

Be encouraged,

T Brown

Book Sale! Book Signing!

***Get Your Copy at the Conference or online*** This book was originally written for the wife who is unequally yoked and waiting on God for her husband’s salvation. This book will empower you while you wait! The roller coaster of emotions are real. The frustrations are real. It is time for the real story behind the smiling face we all see in church because yes, saved women are hurting too. This book is also a blessing for single women who desires to be married. It gives a little insight on what it could look like if you marry unequally yoked. So, add this book to your library.

Women in the Waiting (2)

Meet me at the “The Woman at the Well” Conference June 23rd – June 25th

  • 9582 Madison Blvd Suite 4 & 5, Madison, AL 35758

  • I will have books available for you to purchase and will sign them for you!

  • For more information about the conference, go to under ministries then Women in the Waiting.

See you next weekend!


A Hidden Identity 

Our failure to recognize who we are in Christ is a weapon against us. As long as your true identity remains a mystery to you, you will continue to live beneath your privileges. You will squander away your riches. You will beg when you already have access to what you need. You will walk in defeat when you have already won. You will accept far less than you have actually been given. Your identity unlocks mysteries and opens doors. But as long as it remains a secret, you will never know your true worth. Reconnect with our King and find out what royalty truly is. Learn what an heir truly possesses. You are a child of the King! Go and possess your land!

Be encouraged, 

T Brown

Be About It!

The scripture tells us to be a doer not just a hearer of the word. That also applies in our natural walk. It is not enough to say I want to be sent free. I’m going to get this weight off. I have to read and pray more. Let’s move from saying what we are going to do to doing what we have been saying. It is time for action! We won’t change until we do something to change. It is time to stop talking about it and be out it. 

Be encouraged, 

T Brown