Inspire Someone Today!


If we were all truthful, sometimes the only reason we keep going is because of our kids, or our family, or someone who we may be mentoring. When you are at the point of giving up remember this,

Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Don’t just quote it as a cliche’. Take that to the bank and cash it in. You can be and do all that God desires for you to do. And in the process you will be surprised how many people are inspired by you!

Be encouraged,

T Brown


Women in the Waiting Women’s Conference Spring 2015

WIW Flyer 2015It is time for a refreshing, refilling, and restoration. You made it to 2015, but you still have some wounds that haven’t completely healed. God wants you to come as you are and allow his word and the Holy Spirit to heal you where you hurt. It is time for some “Damage Control!” Take a road trip and come to Madison, Alabama for a life changing experience. Get a chance to speak with real down to earth women who have been broken, abused, addicted, lonely, controlling, rebellious, and more…..and now they are strong, whole, healed, loving, and productive Mighty Women of God sharing the gospel. For more information e-mail bfm, You don’t want to miss this!

Be encouraged

T Brown