There are may reasons why people plan get-a-ways and vacations. There are also different meanings and expectations for what one should do on a vacation. Some are adventurous and love the thrill of white water rafting and skiing. Some love the arts and museums. Some like a good dinner and show. But as for me, I just want to relax. At home I always have a schedule. I have to be here or there at this time or that time. There is always something to do and something to be responsible for. I realize, while I am on vacation right now, I like the freedom to do absolutely nothing. If I fall asleep, I fall asleep. If I want to go shop, I go. But I don’t have to be anywhere unless I choose to. If you live a life full of demands, then maybe you should take a little time for yourself, too. You may want to go scuba diving or swimming in a pool. Whatever is going to make you happy is what you should do. Free yourself from your daily stresses. It will make a healthier you! So, whether you take 2 days, a week, or two weeks make sure you find what relaxes you.

Be encouraged,

T Brown