“A Real Man” vs “A Good Man” vs “A Godly Man”


I have read so many quotes, cliche’s, and descriptions about what a real man is and is not. I’ve read what a real man will and won’t do. It’s no wonder the single women are still single. What you are looking for is non-existent. You don’t need a real man, or even a good man, but you need a godly man.

Definition of real- actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed

A real man is merely a human being who actually exists. Being that he is human, he will make mistakes. He will some times make you cry with or without knowing he did. He will say things out of anger. He will say things out of love. He will hold you and comfort you, yet he will also want his own space. He will find you attractive and he will find other women attractive as well. He will get up and go to work or may want to sit around and play video games all day. He has all the male organs and may want to use them on you and and somebody else. A real man has fathered some children that he may or may not take care of. He could be hardworking or he could be a bum. This man is real. This man exists. But just because he is real and in existence doesn’t mean he is the man for you.

Then, we have the “Good Man.” The good man may or may not have had a good upbringing. But he has decided that he won’t ever treat his lady or his children like he and his mother were treated, unless he had a good example. He may open doors for you and even pull out your chair. He will be sure to provide for you. A good man will accept you and your children. A good man may very well want to sleep with you. After all, he is a man. A good man may even want to move in with you and help you pay your bills, or ask you to move in with him. A good man will even pump your gas and wash your car, and he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. But he may also like to have an occasional beer or two. He might be a good man, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he is a saved man. This good man may still like the club scene every now and then. This good man may even cuss and still go to church. He is the one who you will try to justify his sin because at least he is in the church. He will make sure he is good to you and to your family. A good man is very affectionate and gives you the companionship you need. He usually has his own house and car and just needs the right woman to share it with. This man is the one most women are willing to settle for. And it is your choice if you want to settle for this good man. But you don’t need a real man or a good man, you need a godly man.

The “Godly Man” first loves the Lord which enables him to love you too. He doesn’t just attend church, but he understands that he is the church. This godly man is living in a holy manner. He doesn’t just quote the scriptures, but he studies them and applies them to his life. He is not a wolf in sheep clothing. Many times you will mistake a good man for this godly man. But the distinct difference is that he bears the fruit of the spirit. He doesn’t cuss, drink, club, fornicate, or do any of these compromising things. This godly man loves to worship. He is the one who will pray for you when you are sick. He is the one who will kiss your tears away when you are feeling down. He is the one who will provide for you and still find ways to show you how much he loves you. A godly man will not try to sleep with you. He will want to marry you and make you his wife. A godly man is not perfect, and he will also make mistakes. But he will right his wrongs and ask forgiveness as he walks out his journey. He may even make you cry, but he will also make it right. A godly man leads his family on a path of righteousness. He is strong enough to handle a strong woman, and yet gentle enough to finesse her emotions. A godly man has his moments of weakness, but he knows how to call on Jesus for help. A godly man will defend his family from spiritual attacks as well as natural opposition. He is a warrior. He is a friend. He is a lover. He is a father. He is real. He is good. And he does exist. So stop thinking that a “Real Man” is supposed to be perfect. You won’t ever find the perfect man. And stop thinking that the man for you is living contrary to the word and yet still in church. That is not for you. Stop wasting time looking for a man and start looking for the Father, who already has the right man for you. And the next time you are thinking about being with a real man or settling for a good man, why not wait on God to give you a real, good, godly man! He is out there let him find you! #Happy Friday #WomenintheWaiting

Prov 18:22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

Be encouraged!

T Brown