A Sunday Prayer

God, I don’t have all the answers. God, sometimes I just don’t have a clue what to say or do. The only thing I am sure of is, you know. I don’t want to spend my time trying to figure out things and events that aren’t meant for me to understand. I do want to spend my time getting to know you, who understands everything. Please guide my heart, my mind, and my footsteps in every way. I am grateful  for my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you. And, I am grateful for your plan for me. As long as you have a plan, I will never be lost. I am found in you and I am ever so grateful! Lord I thank you. Make this your prayer today and find your strength in the Lord. He knows everything.

Be encouraged,

T Brown

What Is Your Signature Dish?

signature-dish-lamb-shankHow many food connoisseurs do we have out there? There is nothing like a delicious meal at a classy restaurant. And don’t forget the “Signature Dish.” But what exactly is a signature dish and what does it have to do with me? Just go with me for a second.

A signature dish is a recipe that identifies an individual chef. Ideally it should be unique and allow an informed gastronome to name the chef in a blind tasting. It can be thought of as the culinary equivalent of an artist finding their own style, or an author finding their own voice.

Now keep that in mind as I bring this over to your character traits. Is their something about you that will identify you every time. When a rumor surfaces, will people say, “Yes, that sounds like her” or, “No, that is not her character.” When drama shows up, do you find your name in the middle of it? When someone is down, are you the person known to encourage and lift their spirits up?  

One thing I have learned over the years is that your character will follow you wherever you go. You can change jobs, schools, churches, cars, and even friends, but you will always be remembered by your “Signature Dish.” You can’t be responsible for what people say about you because perception is not always reality and some people just like to lie. All you can do is be consistent in who you are, what you stand for, and what you do.

When you come around, you should leave an essence about you that remind people that you were there. When a situation arises, your character should name you before your action ever does. If a story is being told without using names, people should immediately identify which character you are. Sit down and reevaluate your life and situations you have encountered. Whether you left a good taste or a bad taste, you left something behind. Regardless of what is said about you, what will people remember about you? Do you have the dish that people will want to come back for or the dish that will turn people away? Tweak your character a little more. Remove some of the salt and vinegar and add a little sugar and honey or vice versa. It is never too late to reinvent your signature dish. Just remember, whether it tastes good or bad, your “Signature Dish” will identify you.

Be encouraged and Happy Friday!

T Brown

Don’t Lose Hope!


Rom 5:5 And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.

The worst situation ever, and you are right in the middle of it. Have you really taken the time to think about how crazy you look believing that God is going to fix your problem. All of your friends are telling you to walk away. People on the outside looking in are telling to just quit and move on. The world is saying you are a fool. But that little bitty voice on the inside is saying, “Hang in there. There is still hope.”

The scripture says hope maketh not ashamed. You don’t have time to see how embarrassing the situation is when all you can see is the end result. You understand that the situation you are in is only temporary. You understand that in order to get where you are going, there are going to be some let downs and setbacks. You understand that your faith is the only thing you have left to hold on to when your whole world has been flipped upside down. Don’t worry about those who are judging you and your situation. They may never understand your walk, but when God restores everything you lost, they will believe!

1 Cor 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

There is nothing wrong with having hope! The world needs something to hope for. When people lose their hope, they lose their faith. When they lose their faith they start losing the desire to live. Find something to hope for and to believe in. Hope in Jesus. Believe in Jesus! Have faith in Jesus! He is our hope! And I hope you have a blessed day. Don’t be ashamed of your circumstances. They will get better.

Be encouraged,

T Brown

Oh How He Loves Us


Some people believe in God. Some people don’t. His love for us goes beyond what we could even imagine or understand. His love has no boundaries. Imagine a love that exists when you know people will not receive you. Imagine a love that stands strong when you give up on it. Imagine a love that will reach out to you, when you walk away from it. Many are searching for that kind of love and still have not found it. God is that love. What a love he is. And if you are searching for love, then search no more. Oh, how he loves us.

T Brown

I Need A Marriage Miracle…..

Lately, marriages have been on my heart. Marriage is the one institution that is ordained by God and a threat to the enemy. If two people can come together and form a perfect union, not a perfect marriage, but a perfect union, they will have defied all the plans of the enemy. He doesn’t want us to love. He doesn’t want us to be unified. He doesn’t want us to become that example for the whole word to see. You have to fight for what is rightfully yours. Don’t get played in the process. There are going to be all kinds of arguments and disagreements. From time to time you may even feel rejected, neglected, or disrespected. That is when the world and the enemy will tell you to walk away. You will feel justified in your actions. You will walk away from the one thing that God has blessed and ordained to be. You just got played.

Mark 19:6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

But let me speak to the hurting marriages and the betrayed individuals. I am not saying that you are obligated to stay in anything you don’t want to be in. I am not saying that being treated wrongfully is right. But what I am saying is that God can fix and heal any marriage he chooses to.  And he uses the brokenhearted wife to pray for her husband. He uses the hard-working husband to pray for his wife. He uses individuals to pray for change and witness a life being saved in the process. You always have a choice and it is up to you. If you are not being abused and in an unsafe environment, pray and ask God to help you to fight for your marriage and stand up for your family. If you are in an abusive situation, seek professional help and safety. God can save the abuser, but he also gives us wisdom. I am a witness that God can save anyone. My husband wasn’t an abuser but Lord help me, he was a mess! But there is good news, it is worth the wait. I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t have some sleepless nights and never cried myself to sleep. I would be lying if I said it was an easy process. But I would  also do you an injustice by not telling you how amazing my marriage has been since my husband has given his life to Christ many years ago.

Whether one of you are saved or both of you are saved, you will have problems in your marriage. Decide how important your commitment is and your vows are. Decide if you want to be a pawn in Satan’s game or a vessel in God’s plan. It is your God-given right to have a successful marriage. I stand in agreement with you and I am praying that God opens up communication between you and your spouse. I come against every plot and assignment the enemy is planning against your marriage. The assignment is cancelled in the name of Jesus. I speak life to every dead marriage and speak healing to the broken heart. Lord restore each house according to your word and your will. Where trust has been lost, Lord I ask you to restore it. I bind up confusion and loose peace right now. Lord I thank you for your faithfulness and I expect praise reports to come forth so that your name will be glorified. In Jesus name I pray and thank you Lord in advance! Amen!

In case you all did not know. I have written a book titled “Women in the Waiting.” It speaks to the broken marriages of today and gives you biblical tools to stand in the gap for your spouse. I was told that this book is good for married and single people. It encourages the marriages and warns the singles about being unequally yoked. If you do not have a copy of this book please go to the Contact Us page for a signed copy and instructions to obtain it or purchase it on Amazon.com You need it. Someone else needs it. It is a great book for bible studies, marriage classes, and women’s ministries. Get this book and move forward in your life.

Be encouraged!

T Brown

I Need Help!


I don’t generally watch too many reality shows because I dislike all of the drama. But I was recently led to watch an episode of The Preachers of L.A. On this particular episode, there was a young man, named Justin, who was homeless, strung out on drugs, and addicted to alcohol. A young lady and Pastor Haizlip went out on the streets to find him, talk to him, and invite him to church. The next night he eventually showed up to church, but he was extremely high. He brought his drink with him, finished it off during service, and then passed out. It literally brought me to tears. But, the day before, there was a conversation that took place and the Pastor asked him when did this downward spiral begin. He said, “I miss my mom.”  When he was eighteen, his mother died and it broke his heart and destroyed his life. He hasn’t been able to function since.

I wonder how many Justins are out there today. Slowly dying in their depression and addiction and clueless about how to get free. He lay on the sidewalk and people walked by him as if this was the norm. When the pastor showed up, Justin whispered, “I need help.” He knew the condition of his life was detrimental. When we see people just like Justin, do we get close enough to hear them whispering, “I need help?” Do we take the time to try to help them through their situation or do we just want to tell them how bad their situation is? When someone is homeless, you can’t preach faith until you have given them a roof over their head. When they are hungry you need to feed them before you can tell them about the Lord. When they are addicted, you have to provide a support system as well as the counseling, and steps necessary to make sure they come out and stay out. It doesn’t matter if the addiction is drugs, sex, food or something else. Jesus will always be the answer to our problems. He will always be the only way to heaven. Jesus will always be the key to our healing. But when people don’t have Jesus in their life, we are the ones who can show them how to get to him.

Jeremiah 31:3 (b clause) therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.

Let’s take the ministry of Jesus Christ beyond just preaching about sin. Let’s reach out and literally help those that God places on our path. If they don’t have transportation to get to church, go and pick them up. If they don’t have the basic necessities in life, you can be a provider and they will see Jesus through you. God is the source that provides your resources. You are not blessed to buy more, have more, and want more. You have been blessed to do more!

Genesis 1:22 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

Your blessing will give them hope. Your love will give them encouragement. Your  giving will overwhelm them and they are going to want to know about this Jesus that is in you. Then they will ask, “What must I do to be saved?” Their whole world may be dark right now, but you can be the light shining to the door that can lead them out. Let the love of Jesus shine through you and change somebody’s life. And if you are in a dark place don’t be afraid to reach out. Help is all around you. Send a message that says, “I need help.” Whisper through your tears to someone who is near you, “I need help.”  Those three words may save your life! Jesus is the answer and we want to lead you to him. Please share this and help spread the gospel. Jesus is good news!

T Brown


Victory Is Yours!


I just saw the cutest commercial ever, and it had a little girl walking confidently into the school cafeteria with her new Converse tennis shoes on. She tells the lunch lady to keep the change. She even props her feet up on the lunch table and asks, “Anybody Sitting Here?” The commercial’s handle is:

“We’re not just selling back-to-school shoes; we’re selling straight up confidence.”

Ok, this is where I have a hard time. You are selling confidence…..hmmmm? I am a mother of three children and two of them are school age. I know what it is like, in 2014, to have confidence, nice clothes, and nice name brand shoes. But I can promise you that confidence is not coming from any store. We give our children a false confidence when we teach them that it comes from artificial and material things.  If we are teaching them that shoes will make them confident, what happens when they can’t afford a pair of name brand shoes? If we teach them that it comes from getting your hair and nails done, how will they feel when times get hard they can’t afford it? Where is their confidence now? We have to teach them that things don’t make the person, but the person makes the things. So they even ended the commercial with this quote:

“Famous Footwear, victory is yours.”

Ok, that is where I draw the line. Yes, victory is yours, but not because of Famous Footwear. We need to teach our children that the victory is theirs through Jesus Christ. There are going to be good days and bad days. They are going to be picked on, laughed at, and sometimes treated badly and nicely. But they still have the victory no matter what is going on around them. Some of our children are bullies and some have been bullied, but no matter which side of the fence they find themselves on, their action and reaction will come from within. I am in no way downing the commercial because it is really cute, and I understand the essence of what they were trying to portray, but when my baby girl comes home upset about something the kids are teasing her about, trust me I won’t be saying, “Famous Footwear, victory is yours.” I will be hugging her and drying her tears and letting her know how beautiful she is and saying,

“Through Jesus Christ, in Jesus Christ, and because of Jesus Christ, VICTORY IS YOURS!”

T Brown