Life Lessons


We live better when we can appreciate everything and everyone who contributes something to our lives. Life is a journey full of lessons to be taught and learned. What have you learned from the people who have come and gone in your life? Everyone who walks out of your life is not necessarily a bad person and weren’t necessarily meant to leave. Some people leave because of  how you treat them. We have a hard time looking in the mirror and owning our part in failed relationships. Everyone who stays in your life is not necessarily on your side, either. Sometimes they are the Judas that pushes you right into your destiny. The betrayal hurts so bad, but in the end, the victory will be sweeter than honey. We will never be able to figure this whole thing out, but we can live in the now and learn as we go. Whether your lessons are meant to be painful, painless or priceless, let them teach you what you need to learn. #LifeLessons

Be encouraged,

T Brown