Hey You!

What are you doing?! People are moving on with their life and you are still in the dumps about an old situation. It is time to forgive and move on. I know you have heard it a million times before, not forgiving means they have power over you. You have a choice in some things and you can choose who you allow to affect your life. You were miserable while they were a part of your life and now that that they are no longer a factor, you are still miserable. Something is not adding up. If you keep thinking about them and it brings you down, they are still influencing you. Focus on the direction you are headed, forward. Forgiving them doesn’t mean you agree with what they have done, it just means you are wise enough to realize it is unhealthy to hold on to the pain. It is time to start walking in victory. It is time to be healed and be free. If you are affected by people who are in your life on the regular basis, like family members, pray for them. I am a believer of the power of God through prayer. He can save the unsavable and change the unchangeable. He is God and there is nothing too hard for him. You may not be able to control their actions, but you can certainly control yours. Turn them over to God, pray and believe! Be healed in the name of Jesus and be free from your past. Today is a new day.

Be encouraged,

T Brown


There She Is!

There is nothing more fulfilling than being you and being happy about who you are! So often we spend our days trying to figure out who we are because we have become what we do. Take a moment to strip yourself of all the things you do and all the positions you fill, and ask yourself, “Who am I?” When no one is around, are you laid back? Are you high energy? Do you like being by yourself? Do you enjoy crowds? What makes you happy when there is no one pulling on you? Once you find out who this person is, introduce her to the world. Yes, she has flaws. Yes, she can be a little quirky. She may be a little shy or even a bit outspoken. When she shows up, embrace her. Then you can begin to find out what God says about her. He loves her just the way she is. And since he is the creator, whatever he finds that is broken, he can fix it! Stop trying to be everything for everyone, and just try being you. The world will either love you are hate you, but the only one who matters is God. Believe me when I tell you this, he loves you! 

Be encouraged,

T Brown

Wednesday! Worth Day!

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It’s Wednesday! Worth Day! I was wondering what value have you placed on your life? Have you limited the blessings you are entitled to? Have you blocked certain avenues that should be open in your life? God values us as his children. His love is not based on whether we are saved. He sent his son just to prove how much he loves us and wants us to be in fellowship with him. We are worth every thing God has for us. We choose to devalue our lives.

We are the ones who are so impatient that we are willing to accept a man who is married and claim he will be our husband after the divorce. We are the ones who are willing to be toyed with by a player who is out with two or three other side chicks. We are the ones who choose to remain a side chick instead of being the only wife. We are the ones who limit who God can use to speak into our lives because we don’t want to hear the truth. We are the ones who choose the sin we are tempted with over the escape we can be rescued with. We are the ones who are willing to accept anything that was better than the last thing, even though it’s not what God wants for us.

We don’t value ourselves the way God does. We don’t believe in ourselves the way God does. We don’t see ourselves the way God does. If we did, we would respect and honor ourselves the way God does. Don’t try to rush God into blessing you. Sometimes he will give you want you want instead of what you’re worth. Have patience and serve until he produces your blessing. Today is Wednesday, worth day! Are you worth waiting for? And are you waiting for what you are worth?

Be encouraged,

T Brown

Why Do We Hold Grudges?


Why do we hold grudges? We have been fooled into believing if we don’t forgive, we are the ones in control. When in fact, the situation is holding you captive. You remain stuck in a scenario that has already passed. Most of the time, the party involved has moved on and don’t even realize you are still angry. Then, it makes you angrier to see them living a happy life while you are still miserable holding your grudge. Free yourself from bondage today. Even if the person does not know you are angry, forgive them anyway. When we don’t forgive we hinder our own prayers. It is no wonder some of the things we pray for never get answered.

Matt 11:25 And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses.

There it is! Ask God to heal your heart if you have been wronged. Forgive those and love them in spite of how they treat you. You may need to put some distance between you, but you still can show love. Forgiving does not mean what they said or did was okay. It just frees you from being held up in your life.

As long as we live, we will be offended. We will be rejected. We will be misunderstood. We will be disrespected. We will be lied on and talked about. But as long as we live, we can also forgive. Don’t let people control the outcome of your prayers and your life. You make the difference by letting go of the offense. Release it today. I pray God will grant you the grace sufficient to cover the hurt. I pray for your deliverance and that you will have a peaceful rest tonight. Ask the Lord to forgive you for holding a grudge, as you forgive your offender right now, in the mighty name of Jesus!

Be encouraged,

T Brown

Ready, Set, Go!


Get up and do it today! Whatever your “it” is, start now. Go for a a short walk. Clean out your closet. Start writing that book. Drink water instead of juice. Pray for a few minutes. Read at least one scripture. We all have a desire to achieve something in our life. It will NEVER happen if you don’t begin. We get discouraged because we don’t see results quick enough. Don’t be in a rush to see results. Just focus on taking the first step. Even if it takes all year to accomplish it, slow progress is better than no progress. Stop making excuses and start making it happen. Ready, Set , Go!

Be encouraged,

T Brown

Bad Day, Bad Life? or Great Day, Great Life!


No one really breaks life down by the day. We usually have long weeks, busy months and then some. But if you think about it, your life is made up of every day that you live. Why spend an entire day depressed and crying? If you do, eventually your life will become a sad and depressed life. If you wake up with joy and thanks for life, health, and strength, your joyful day will become a joyful life. Choose how you will live your life by changing how you spend your days. Think about what you will do today and how you choose to act and react to situations. Today could literally be the beginning of the best days of a better life. You have a choice! So, have a great day and especially a great life!

Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:

Be encouraged,

T Broown

Happy Saturday! Make It Count!


We want to have the best life without any effort. We must wake up praying and expecting good things to happen. When things look bad we must stay positive. When it costs something to achieve the happiness, sometimes we have to make the sacrifice. Most of all remember that humility and love will be the best thing you can wear today. Make today beautiful! Make it count! Happy Saturday!

Be encourage,

T Brown