No Thanks! I Ain’t Hungry!


I dare not allow the enemy to distract me from my assignment and neither should you. The more you decide to do for and with God, the more the enemy will try to stop you. God has vision and a plan for each one of our lives. He has it mapped out for us through his word with the leading of the Holy Spirit. We just have to follow the instructions and keep moving toward our expected end. Now, the question is, what are you focused on? Do you know what your mission is? Do you know what God has for you? You cannot focus on what you do not know. One thing we do know is we should be focused on our eternal inheritance! God’s way is the name of the street. 🙂 STARVE YOUR DISTRACTION! When the enemy tries to feed you stuff that will hinder you, tell him “No Thanks! I Ain’t Hungry!” If it has nothing to do with the mission or your future, leave it alone. If it pulls you out of the presence of God, avoid it. The more you feed your spirit and starve your flesh, the stronger you will become. We are a unified body and we can do this!! So let’s get busy with the things of God and leave our distractions on the road to nowhere, by themselves. Let the enemy know, he can’t feed you junk! You only eat what God is serving!

Be encouraged,

T Brown