Be Better Than What?

We often hear that we should strive to be better and to do better. Better than who or what? You should be better than you were yesterday. There is nothing wrong with loving you and wanting people to accept you the way you are. But I pose a question today, are you the best version of you. Could you be a little nicer, more helpful, less confrontational? Have you presented the best version of you? Most of us get excited about a newer version of an Iphone, Xbox, or car. It doesn’t mean the model you have is broken. You just decide to upgrade to the latest version, with better functions. Don’t be satisfied with the last rendition of you. However great you were yesterday, celebrate it and keep going higher in Christ. He made us in his image and we know God is great! Therefore, there is no limit to our greatness. Be you, be great, and continue to be better than before!

Be encouraged,

T Brown