Forgive Yourself

We spend so much time captured in the prison of our own mind. We have made mistakes which cost us a great price. We have let down people in our lives as well as our own self. Let me help you get free. GOD FORGIVES YOU and you should too. One reason it is so hard to forgive ourselves is because we don’t understand the love of the father. We cannot see that he doesn’t hold our sins and mistakes against us. Unfortunately, the natural consequences we face are a constant reminder of our sin or mistakes. Another reason we stay captive is because we want to “prove” that we are not our mistake or our poor choices. So then, we live in a manner angry with everyone who knows our mistakes, thinking they are judging us. We live to “prove” to people we are better than what we did. We live bargaining with God. Lord if you will just fix this, I will never do it again. Well, how about this, Lord I will never do it again, period. Move forward. Press toward the mark. The mark is ahead of you, not behind you. As long as you keep living in the prison of your past, you will never have know the freedom of today and tomorrow. It may scare you to let go of the pain of your mistakes because you have carried them so long, but if you do, you will know what the joy of the Lord really is. You will know what freedom is. Let God be your God. He forgives you and he loves you. Forgive yourself and move forward. Right now you may not see what God has for you, but if you let go of the pain, he will deliver you. There are blessings waiting for you. Close the door to your past failures and step into your present blessings!

Be encouraged,

T Brown