God’s Timing

God told me to do something, and I did not move. Has this ever been you? God’s timing is key. Failing to move when God instructs you to, can cause problems and cost you many blessings. God may show you an open door, but if you walk in it too late, there’s no guarantee that your blessing will still be there. You should also know that open doors can eventually close. When God sends you on an assignment, make sure you complete the assignment. Do not try to prolong your stay. Never be too afraid or too attached to move on to the next assignment. Some assignments include: ministering to specific people, being on a particular job, and being a part of a particular ministry. When you become comfortable in a place God wants you to move on from, he will allow uncomfortable things to happen just to get you to move. It is so much better to follow his lead the first time. Be clear in what your assignment is. Be obedient when it ends. Continue to move forward because God is always in your latter. But what if I don’t know my assignment? Glad you asked.😁 In the mean time, serve God, worship him, study his word, and tell others about Christ. God will eventually speak, and you will know exactly what you should do. 

Be encouraged, 

T Brown