Do All Things In Love!

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How often do we do stuff out of obligation? We do things out of obedience. We do things out of pity and frustration. We do so many of the right things with the wrong motive. The greatest gift ever given in this world was done out of love. Jesus is the sacrificial lamb and he loves each and everyone of us. We may reject his love, criticize his love and even walk away from it altogether, but the end result still remains the same. He loves us and he is waiting with his arms opened wide. That is the same love we should have in this world. There will be people who will reject your love, criticize your love, and even walk away from it. But in the end, when you love like Christ loves…your love will still remain and forgiveness will come naturally. Let’s love like Jesus loves! Let’s make sure everything we do is out of love with no return expected!

Be encouraged,

T Brown