Same Trial Different Perspective 

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is assuming people go through situations alike. Everyone has different backgrounds, personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.  We need the Holy Spirit and his compassion to understand people.  The Bible gives us a basic outline of what our character should look like, but what happens when someone is not there yet? No matter how hard you try to tell them to change how they view things or react to situations, they can only perform actions according to what they believe. Sometimes people will try to imitate only to be left in confusion and defeat. So next time someone says the mud is deeper than you say it is, consider who they are and how they think. Continue to speak life, encourage them, and instruct as God leads you. Their reality may not change, but by faith their perception will. God won’t fail us. If we follow his lead, the outcome will always work according to his will. But for those of us who may handle things a little differently, there may be a few struggles along the way, but ultimately follow Christ…in him there is always victory. 

Be encouraged, 

T Brown