Negative Nancy Will Bring You Down!

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Have you ever had a great day until someone came and dumped all there garbage on you? Be really careful about negative people. If particular people bring you down every time you are around them, they might just be a Negative Nancy. If they never have anything positive to say in a bad situation or even a good situation, be careful. We truly have the power of life and death in our tongue. We must speak positive and expect good things to happen in our life. We must connect with other believers who can agree with the will of God for our life. There is a huge difference between someone who is grieving and sorrowful than a Negative Nancy. A grieving person needs comfort. Negative Nancy just likes to spill out garbage and gossip. God is a loving God. He wants us to have joy and peace. Walk in his peace today and leave the Negativity Nancy and your negative thoughts behind! #HappyTuesday

Be encouraged,

T Brown