Are You Sure That’s God’s Blessing?

God is not random and he’s not spontaneous. He strategically plans every good thing in our lives. There are things he has for us, according to his will. He does things for his good pleasure. Remember this: for every time there is a purpose and for every purpose there is a time. Get on God’s watch and follow his plan so the purpose will be revealed. When we step out ahead of God, we create our own problems. We are so blind to what is God and what’s not God. If it’s not what we want, we say it’s not God. When we want something bad enough, we ignore all the little signs showing us it is not God. When we truly seek God, he gives us clear answers and we get mad because it wasn’t what we wanted to hear. So, we stir up confusion in our mind trying to find an answer that makes sense to us. But keep this in mind when it comes to God blessing you:

Prov 10:22 The blessing of the Lord it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

If what you say… is God, brings you sorrow and grief, it’s not a blessing of the Lord. Start listening to the word of God and not your own thoughts. What you choose to do with it, is up to you. Be careful of who and what you allow in your life. It may be sent to distract and destroy. Stay focused and be who God says you are.

Be encouraged, 

T Brown