There is Pain in the Process!

Many times our biggest failures lead to our greatest success. We can learn what did not work and keep trying until we find what does work. Don’t stop because it doesn’t look good. Some of the most amazing things come from the most painful processes. When a woman gives birth to a baby, it doesn’t look pretty at all. There is fluid, blood, screaming, crying, all sorts of chaos. When it is all over, there is a beautiful baby. Announcements are made. Congratulations is in store. There is so much love after a long, hard, painful process. So, whatever you find yourself going through, might be painful right now, it might seem long, and even hard, but don’t stop. Push through the mess. There will be a testimony on the other side. There will be an announcement and a congratulations in store for you. The most beautiful things can be birthed from the most ugly situations. Let your faith keep you focused. Let the joy of the Lord fill your heart. Do not give up! It will be worth it all!

Be encouraged,

T Brown