Surface Clean Still Isn’t Clean! Pull That Stove Out!

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How often do you pull out your stove and clean behind the refrigerator? Do you ever move the couch and see what has fallen through and hit the floor? What I am really asking is, how often do you go beyond the surface to clean? We all sweep and vacuum around the furniture. We wipe off counters and so forth. But every now and then, you got to pull some stuff out. You got to get in the cracks and below the heavy stuff. It is amazing what you find, when you do. As believers, we go through the same thing. It is called sanctification. We start off with a little surface cleaning. We know get rid of the foul language. We stop going to the club. We even change a few of our clothes. But even though we are looking good on the surface, deep down inside we still have some cleaning to do. When God starts to peel away the layers of your life, what will we find?  We find hatred and bitterness from years ago. We find a little self righteousness. We act like we are a little better than the people we used to run with, now that we are “saved.” We find jealousy. We can never be satisfied with our own life because we are mad about somebody else’s success. Lord clean us up! We don’t want to look clean. We want to be clean. David prayed:

Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

When God begins to reveal to you the issues of your heart, own them and then turn them over. Let hem go! Denial will never leave you feeling free. It will keep you in bondage and put you on the defense. Let God pull the stove and refrigerator out in your life. Let him through out the expired food and the leftovers that have been there too long. It may take hard work, it may not feel good, but when your house is clean….it feels great! Have you ever been to someone’s house and your foot sticks to the floor…..”crickets”……..exactly! Let’s open ourselves up to go through the proper cleansing process that God has for us. It may take some time, but it will be worth it.

Be encouraged,

T Brown