Take Notice! Take Action!

God knows what he is doing. There is nothing that  will happen or that has happened that God did not know about. When you are led astray and find yourself in a bad place, God will meet you there. He somehow manages to take the road we are on and lead us right where he wants us to be. He allows situations to happen to draw us closer to him. When you find yourself being drawn away from God, you being distracted or possibly under demonic influence. Take notice! Take action! The enemy is not using anything new, so why do we keep falling prey to his tactics. When he wants to kill someone spiritually, the first thing he does is lie to them. He isolates them and makes them feel like they don’t have a place in the body of Christ. He steals their identity and gives them a new one. You have to pay attention to the details of your life. Take notice! Take action!

  • When new people come into your life and the influence draws you farther away from God, take notice! Take action!
  • When your job frustrates you to the point that you find yourself constantly complaining, take notice! Take action!
  • When your life takes a turn for the worst and you feel overwhelmed, take notice! Take action!
  • When you have secret addictions that keep you out of the presence of God, take notice! Take action!

Everything in our life is either a lesson or a blessing. Bad things can be used to make us better. It doesn’t always feel like it, but it is up to you to choose your response and your influences. Salvation is your foundation and the Holy Spirit is your guide. The word is a lamp that will light your path. If the word exposes a dark area of your life, take notice! Take action! You have come too far to be stuck or to go backwards. God has great things planned for you. You are destined for greatness. Grab on to the word of God and continue to move forward.

Be encouraged,

T Brown