When God’s Will Does Not Match Your Wants!

You say you want God’s will for your life, but what if God’s will doesn’t look like what you want? Will you choose to accept his will for your life or not? If you want God’s will for you life you have to be willing to accept it. You have to accept it and everything that comes with it or everything that leaves with it. For example, if he calls you into ministry, you cannot accept all the praise and position without accepting the heartache and disappointments. If he gives you a specific job but you don’t like the your coworkers, realize they are a part of the whole package. He will use them to grow you, shape you, and teach you agape love. If he sends you a mate but they are missing elements that you had on your little list, but have everything you need, would you accept them? Oftentimes, we have requests that we desire and feel like if something doesn’t meet our standard, we are settling. I am all about making your requests known and don’t settle for anything less than what you want….but at the end of the day, what if what you want is not a part of God’s will for you? Definitely ask, but give yourself time to hear what God says about it. What looks good to you may not be good for you. It is important to pray God’s will in our life, but it is more important to accept his will. Want what he wills even if it is not what you want. Lord, your will be done!

Be encouraged,

T Brown