Dreaming It, Won’t Achieve It, Unless You Do It!

We have to stop telling people to dream it and achieve it. Many people dream all their life and never get anywhere. Dreaming just simply isn’t enough any more. We have to want change in our life so bad that we won’t stop until we achieve it. We spend way too much time dreaming about and talking about what we want. We talk to other people about what we want. We get guidance on what to do. We can even see ourselves doing it.  And yet, we are still laying in our bed, doing nothing, receiving nothing, and still dreaming. It is time to do something!

  1. Whatever you are trying to achieve, write it down.
  2. Immediately speak to yourself and change your mindset!
    1. Tell yourself to stop being lazy!
    2. Tell yourself it will require sacrifice!
    3. Tell yourself not to cut corners!
    4. Tell yourself to follow through!
  3. Find someone who has succeeded in that area and get some good sound advice.
  4. Apply that good sound advice to your life as long as it lines up with the word of God.
  5. Set a realistic goal, with a short term and long term plan.
  6. Surround yourself with people who are already doing what you are aiming for.
    1. This may require you to make a move.
    2. You may need to change friends, change jobs, change locations…etc
  7. Start walking the plan out.
  8. Don’t quit until you achieve it!

I can hear some of you saying, wait a minute, “Don’t we need to pray about it?” Of course, that is a given. Prayer should be a part of your daily walk, not part of a plan to achieve something. We have to get out of going to God for stuff and start including him in our life daily. We should have a daily prayer life, fellowship, and communion with God. He will be the one to give you the green light and the confidence to go after your dream. He is the one who gave you the dream in the first place. There is greatness and success ahead of all us us. We just have to see it, believe it, plan it, do it, and bless God for it!

Be encouraged,

T Brown