Babes and Soldiers, Which One Are You?

Hopefully this will help someone who may be struggling in their walk and trying to lead at the same time. We cannot be babes in Christ and soldiers at the same time. Babes need to be nurtured and spoon fed. Babes need someone to hold their hand and carry them until they are self sufficient. Soldiers carry weapons, fight battles, and overcome obstacles. Too often, you find babes trying to operate as soldiers and getting destroyed in the middle of the war. You also find soldiers who want to be carried instead of fighting as they have been trained. Which one are you?

If you are a babe, be a babe. Sit down, learn, and grow. Don’t try to hold any position until you are a full grown adult. If you are a soldier, stand up and fight. Don’t whine and beg for attention and for someone to baby you every time you get a battle wound. It is all a part of the warfare we encounter. While you are a babe, you will get nurtured and taught the basics of this Christian journey. Someone will carry you. Someone will hold your hand and make sure you are okay. Once you step into the role of a soldier, intense training begins. Not only are you taught how to endure as a good soldier, but you will be taught how to be of good courage. You will be taught how to stand against the wiles of the devil. You will be taught to forgive over and over again. You will be taught to love when flesh wants to be angry. You will be taught how to put your training into action. If you hold any position in any ministry and find yourself wanting to be treated like a babe, maybe you aren’t ready. Adults don’t like to be treated like a baby, babes want to be babied.

The first step in growing from stepping out to soon is admitting you made a mistake. Many have started in ministry before they were ready. Step down before you fall and cause someone else to fall right a long with you. Soldiers of Christ are leaders. You can’t possibly be a baby soldier. Somebody is eventually going to get hurt. Let’s stop being selfish in wanting to be bigger than we are and doing things we aren’t ready to do. Consider the people who are following you. Yes, we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us; but the key word is “strengthened.” Babes aren’t strong. They are babes. It is time for a re-evaluation. Babes and Soldiers, ask yourself, which one are you? Then get in the right position to receive the right training. Both are a great position to be in, as long as you know which one you are supposed to be in. It is time to grow from where you are! We all have to start somewhere!

Be encouraged,

T Brown