Happy Mother’s Day

From the time you carried your child in the womb, you were a concerned mom. Before you signed the adoption papers, you were a caring mom. From the time you brought your child home you with you, you were a nurturing mom. There is no book that tells you exactly how to be a mom, you just are. There are no instructions for raising the child that seems to be difficult to handle, you just do. There is no pay that can compensate your 24 hr a day job, you just work. But, there is a day  we especially want to celebrate you and all that you do. That day is today. You are a mother and and you are appreciated. So, with every hand written card you receive, the burnt toast and eggs, the nice jewelry, the dinners, the candy, the flowers, and the little hand prints made out of paint…know that it was all done in love and especially for you. With each little gift, somebody is trying to say, “Happy Mother’s Day!” Enjoy your day Moms, you deserve it!

Be encouraged,

T Brown