Did I Trip You Up?

One of the basic elements of Christianity is self-less living. When we look at the life of Jesus, we see a ministry all about others. He did not gain anything from his service. In fact, he suffered through his service, for you and me. We will all give an account of everything we do and everything we we say. You will encounter moments in your life where your desires may not necessarily be sin, but could cause your brother or sister to stumble and fall. Some of the places you go, movies you watch, songs you listen to, and people you hang around could have a babe in Christ confused about your stance in Christ. Are you willing to deny your flesh in order to progress the kingdom? Are you willing to give up some of your wants to save a soul? What have you done that could be questionable? I challenge you to evaluate you. Don’t look at anyone else. If a new Christian looked at your social media, would they know you are a Christian? If they peeked into your life would they see Christ? It is time to clean our lives up for the sake of ministry. We want to be available, effective, and accountable in everything we do. No, we are not the standard for godly living – The Bible is. No, we can’t control how other people see us – But we can control what we present to people. We are representatives of Christ and for that reason alone, we should raise up our standard. Don’t be a stumbling block. Be a stepping stone to help someone up and out of their sin.

Be encouraged,

T Browon