Being A Mother

Anybody else ever feel like this? There is no such thing as a weekend off when you are a mother. Kids need to eat. You have to give them their medicine. They need help with all sorts of things. They have activities and sports that you have to take them to. Then if you plan a get away, you spend half the time calling back home to check on the kids. What’s wrong with you woman? Don’t you know how to rest? There is nothing wrong with you, it’s called “Being a mother.” Being a mother is a full time responsibility and it takes a lot to be a great one. But the reward in it all, is those little brown eyes looking up at you saying, “good night” or “I love you” or just a simple hug. I love being a mother as many of you do too. We may not get to fully relax on the weekend or any other day, but we have the most precious gifts anyone could ever ask for. Celebrating Moms today. Why wait till Mother’s Day? You need to know you are doing a great job today!

Be encouraged,

T Brown