Give God Time To Work!

If any of you know anything about baking a cake, you know it generally cooks on the outside first. If you take it out the oven to soon, the inside will still be wet even though the outside looks done. Sometimes our Christian walk is like that. We dress the outside up and look like we have it together. We look like we are strong. We look like we could pass for a preacher. But the inside is still angry, broken, afraid, confused, or sometimes insecure. We step into positions before we are ready to handle the responsibilities. We try to minister to people about stuff we haven’t overcome yet. It’s like taking the cake out of the oven too soon. Sometimes we are in such a hurry, we keep opening up the oven again and again to see if the cake is done. Opening the oven is not going to make the cake bake any faster. It might even prolong the process. We need to give the oven time to work, just like we need to give God time to work.

Ecc 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

We have to stop being in a hurry, and let him perform his perfect work in us. We don’t want to be embarrassed, serving a soggy piece of cake to our guests. And we don’t want to get embarrassed trying to serve God’s people then just fall flat, like the inside of a cake. Let’s be patient and give God time to work!!

Be encouraged,

T Brown