The Truth Will Make You Free

After an amazing conference like we just experienced this weekend, there are many things that could be said. One thing we do know is only God can give us our true identity. Our truth may not be his truth, so we must take on his truth to be free. If our truth is contrary to his truth we have the option to continue to live in our truth or accept his. Some of us have been living in our truth for so long, we forgot the lie that is holding it together. We can’t continue to be comfortable in what we know is error and sinful living. It is time to make changes. Error could be as simple as wrong thinking, doubt, and/or fear; and as complicated as dead end relationships, fornication, adultery, and violent behavior, and/or other sinful acts. It is not enough to know that what we feel or what we are doing is not acceptable to Christ. He is the way, the truth, and the life! So, now that he has shown us the way, and told us the truth, let’s walk out of darkness and into his marvelous light, which is life!  It’s time to start living. Be free in the name of Jesus!

Be encouraged,

T Brown