Do You Use Or Serve God?

One thing for sure, God knows the heart of man. We can portray what we want people to think about us. We can pray, worship, and go to church and still have a heart that is wicked. Our trials prove what is on the inside. Monitor how you react to your troubles. Do you revert back to your old nature of cussing and fighting? Do you start gossiping about people who offend you? Do you curse God and lift up the devil?

     God knows if you are serving Him because you love Him or only because you just want something from Him. God is not a genie who performs wishes at our command. Do you have a usury spirit or a servants heart? All you have to do is think about how you were living before you were faced with your current situation. Were you going to church before? Were you praying and reading your word? Were you thankful for even the smallest things. Were you witnessing to other people about the love of Christ? Were you acknowledging Him in your everyday living? If you weren’t doing any of these things and you only go to God when there is a problem, you may be a user.

God wants to fix our problems and help us through life, but he also wants us to be in fellowship with Him and obtain eternal life. He will have mercy on whom he chooses. He will bless whomever he wants to.  But those who choose to serve Him no matter what, are the ones who get the bonuses. They receive favor, rewards, promotions, life, blessings, help, comfort, vindication, and so much more.  These are the ones who walk with Him and don’t even have to ask for what they need because He already knows and will supply all their needs. These are the ones who can trust in his Word and the Holy Spirit to guide them through life’s successes and failures. These are the ones who will endure even when it looks and feels bad. 

The Christian journey is not for the weak and faint. This walk requires discipline, longevity, and strength. It requires us to know God’s ways in order to understand some of the things we go through. We need to be so close to him that He reveals his mysteries to us. We have to be so close to Him that we don’t try to fight our own battles. We trust Him to get the glory. Pride is what puffs us up and causes us to come to our own defense. When you really know God, as much as some things may hurt, you will let Him work things out. When He shows himself strong, believe me when I say, he will make sure everyone knows it. We just don’t give God a chance to do it. We are impatient! We have to stop putting a time limit on when we think things should be done. We have to stop killing our own situations by speaking negatively about them. There is always one person who says, “Yeah, easier said than done.” And to you I would say, this life was never intended to be easy. Just look at Jesus’s life. You will never know what victory feels like until you complete the task the way God desires you to. You can sit back and whine and complain; or you can surround yourself with warriors, who are willing to walk with you and help you climb over the obstacles of life. Otherwise, you will always be the one saying, Easier said than done,” while the one doing it is saying, “This wasn’t easy, but I’m so glad it’s already done!” Someone needs to know, the battle is not yours. Remain innocent as a lamb and let the Lion of Judah reign on your life. You will always come out on top!

Be encouraged,

T Brown