Spiritually Bankrupt

Oftentimes people are looking for something that is relevant to them today. They are looking for a word of hope for their current situation. They are looking for a remedy to fix what is wrong. They go from place to place and person to person trying to find satisfaction. In reality, that is almost an equivalent of living paycheck to paycheck. You get your check, pay your bills, and have nothing left over. On the spiritual side, you only want enough of God to fix your situation, but not to enough to secure your eternal inheritance. Would you rather have a one check or an everlasting inheritance? If you don’t apply biblical principles to your life you will never have an abundance and you may very well run dry. Here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t study the word when it is tour turn to preach a message. You study to show yourself approved.
  2. Don’t wait until you have a problem to pray. Pray God’s will everyday and when the problem arises ask him for wisdom.
  3. Don’t limit your worship to times when you are down and out. Worship God because he is God. If he never does anything for you, he is still God.
  4. Don’t put all of your energy into this temporary life. Focus on things that are eternal because none if this is going to matter in the end.
  5. Make up your mind about your salvation. Living a double life will ultimately lead to destruction.
  6. Don’t wait until a tragedy strikes in your life to start believing in Jesus Christ. Serve him today, he is your salvation.

Don’t become spiritually bankrupt. Start investing in your spirit man immediately. Every deposit will yield a good return. Read your Bible. Worship the Lord. Pray everyday. Have faith. Overcome evil with good. Be kind. Love. Hope. Believe!

Be encouraged,

T Brown