Hey You!

What are you doing?! People are moving on with their life and you are still in the dumps about an old situation. It is time to forgive and move on. I know you have heard it a million times before, not forgiving means they have power over you. You have a choice in some things and you can choose who you allow to affect your life. You were miserable while they were a part of your life and now that that they are no longer a factor, you are still miserable. Something is not adding up. If you keep thinking about them and it brings you down, they are still influencing you. Focus on the direction you are headed, forward. Forgiving them doesn’t mean you agree with what they have done, it just means you are wise enough to realize it is unhealthy to hold on to the pain. It is time to start walking in victory. It is time to be healed and be free. If you are affected by people who are in your life on the regular basis, like family members, pray for them. I am a believer of the power of God through prayer. He can save the unsavable and change the unchangeable. He is God and there is nothing too hard for him. You may not be able to control their actions, but you can certainly control yours. Turn them over to God, pray and believe! Be healed in the name of Jesus and be free from your past. Today is a new day.

Be encouraged,

T Brown

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