We should be glad about going into the house of the Lord. If you are not glad, then ask yourself why not. The Lord should dwell with you at all times. If you are not experiencing the joy of the Lord, you are missing out is so many ways. If something is blocking your desire to fellowship with other believers, it is time to figure out why. When you come together with other believers, celebration and worship should take place. The house of the Lord should be a place for people to learn, receive Christ, gain knowledge, instruction, and even direction in their lives. Get excited about God and remember what fellowship is all about. Go expecting something amazing to happen and receive a rhema word. Jesus loves you and he is inviting you to his house. Will you except his invitation to fellowship with other believers and to commune with him? Find a healthy place to worship this morning and experience the love of God and then you will be able to say you were “Glad” you went. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Be encouraged,

T Brown