Wait “Up On” the Lord

I have said it once and maybe a hundred times. Waiting is not easy. Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that if we wait upon the Lord, he will renew our strength. This lets us know that if we are weary and never feeling rejuvenated, we are just waiting to see something happen, but not necessarily waiting upon the Lord. I like to think that “Up On” means literally up on the rock. I am waiting up on the word. I am waiting up on the Lord. In other words I am planted on a solid rock, and he is the source of my strength. Even if I hit rock bottom, he is that rock. I will never be alone or in a place the Lord is not with me, as long as I wait up on him. Don’t just wait for something to happen in your life. Wait on God to happen. Wait with expectancy and hope. Even when you are in the darkest of nights, his word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. It is time to stop waiting for anything and time to wait for the only thing, God! Let him renew your weary mind and strengthen your heart. Run on and don’t be weary. Walk and don’t faint. You shall reap in due season. So, I repeat, wait “Up On” the Lord!

Be encouraged,

T Brown




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