We Can’t Pray Enough!

We can’t pray enough! I just heard a testimony about a christian couple whose marriage was over. The son and daughter walked away from God as a result. They were hurt and angry and didn’t want any part of any of it. Some older people encouraged the son to start praying for his mom and dad. Eventually, he turned to God and began to pray. After some time, the father called the mom up and apologized. He even told his son that he just needed to get right with God. How many marriages are in turmoil right now because somebody just needs to get right with God. Our selfish ways have consumed our relationships. Our pride has built a wall so high only God can knock it down. Our heart is so heavy that we can’t look up to see God anywhere. God wants to heal and fix everything in your life including your marriage. There is nothing to hard for God. When there are two people in a marriage and only one willing to pray, sometimes that is all you need. God plus one is the majority. We can’t pray enough. Begin to flood heaven with your concerns and your requests. Don’t just pray that God will fix your marriage but pray that God will fix you. Pray that he will save your souls and heal what is broken. He cares about what concerns you. Pray, pray,  and pray some more. And remember this one thing, when you pray, believe. Believe in hope against hope and wait until your change comes!

Be encouraged,

T Brown