Don’t Stop Praising Him!

Every now and then I think about where I have come from, things I’ve seen, and things I’ve experienced. I look at how much the world has changed. I look at how much the church has changed. There was a time when no matter what happened in the world, the church was a place to run to for hope and encouragement. I remember seeing mothers crying out to God for their children who were in the streets. I remember seeing people suffering from depression getting delivered. I remember watching the older Saints praising God when we didn’t have a clue what praise was even about. It saddens my heart and grieves my spirit that people find it disturbing to see the Saints praising God in the church. Where else are they supposed to praise Him? Where else should they lift their hands to worship? Where else are the mothers supposed to cry our for their babies? We can’t really say it is the “church” that has changed, but we can say the people have! How can we stand up when the Pastor walks in, but sit down when the presence of God shows up? Who are we worshiping? God is still the same today, tomorrow and forever! His praises will fill his temple. The crying mother’s tears are still being stored in a bottle. The depressed are still being delivered. I declare Jesus is alive! He is real! He is ever present and sees everything and hears everything. Saints, don’t you give up. Don’t stop praising God. It took a whole lot of praise to get where we are and it is going to take a whole lot more to make it where we are going. Cry out for the families in Paris tonight. Cry out for America! Cry out for the person who is sitting right in church judging your praise. Remember why you started this journey. Rekindle your love of God and your love of freedom. It felt good when he set you free, and it feels great to still be free. You are loosed from the chains that have bound up your praise. Clap your hands all ye people! Shout unto the Lord with a voice of triumph! Celebrate his goodness. The church is the place to exalt his name and that is what we will do until he returns! Somebody needs this tonight. So, when you wake up in the morning, you give God your all. Then, take that praise with you and find a church to praise God with fellow brothers and sisters. What a celebration that will be.

Be encouraged,

T Brown