The Will of God


So many people say they want to be in the will of God. Sometimes, you may feel unclear about what you believe God is saying in certain areas of your life. Do you pray for what you want or do you pray and ask God to let his will be done in your life? I have learned to pray for the will of God because it causes everything about your life to line up. It even causes my mindset to change. If God has planned something for me and I find myself resisting, I start to pray his will. He then begins to soften my heart, change my mind, and even my desires. I begin to conform to his will for my life. There is no safer place than in the will of God and that is right where you want to be. So if there are things God is requiring of you and you are having a hard time saying yes, begin to pray his will and watch things fall into place. No one can resist the will of God when the will of God is your prayer and his answer.

Be encouraged,

T Brown