024Christians spend a lot of time acknowledging “haters” in their lives. They are always living to prove their “haters” wrong. They live to say, “Look at me now.” If everything you do is based on proving something to someone who apparently hates you, you are giving them way too much control in your life. You are constantly thinking about what they think about you. You are always wondering what they are saying about you. You are making them an idol god in your life. It shows signs of insecurities in your life. You are also allowing that little sneaky thing called pride validate your success instead of allowing God the opportunity to exalt you. How can God get the glory out of your life if pride is the source of your motivation? Pride is puffed up. Pride has to prove a point. Pride got kicked out of heaven many years ago. Pride surely will bring you down as quick as it has lifted you up.

James 4:10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

Don’t focus on those who hate you because no matter who you are and what you accomplish, there will always be at least one you can consider a “hater.” So, continue to be you and be true! Keep God as your focus and exalt Him instead of exalting your “haters.” Stay humble and watch God prove who he says he is and who he says you are. All glory belongs to God!

Be encouraged,

T Brown