Satan Believes the Word of God, Why Don’t You?


I was sitting here thinking about how easily influenced our minds and thoughts are. We are constantly being harassed by the television, internet, music, and even the media. Satan puts a lot of time and effort into getting us to do the opposite of the word. He is constantly nagging us to believe a lie because he knows the truth. If God wasn’t real or the Word wasn’t true, Satan wouldn’t have any reason to try to stop you from living in the truth. Think about it. He knows you have a victorious end ahead of you. He knows he is doomed for eternity. Misery loves company. He wants you to spend eternity suffering like he will. So if he is trying to get you to turn away from God, really ask yourself, why?

If you believe that God is, start believing what his Word says. You have a bright future a head of you. There is no situation to hard for you to handle. You are healed by his stripes. You are the lender, not the borrower. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Start believing the word! Start living in God’s truth. Don’t be defeated by Satan’s lies one more day. Do not join his party! Start walking in the truth. Believe like never before. Hope like never before. Live like never before. Love like never before. God’s word is truth and the truth shall make you  free!

Satan believes the Word of God, why don’t you?

Be encouraged.

T Brown