How much more do I have to Take?


How much more do I have to take? That would depend on what God has planned for your life. So many times we make the mistake of thinking that everything that goes perfectly smooth, has to be God. Other times we think that just because things are not going right, it can’t possibly be God. The only way to know what is or what is not what God is to know him and to know his word. You must have a relationship with him.

  1. The first step is to repent and believe that Jesus died for your sins and accept his gift of salvation.
  2. Then you must start learning who he is by reading his word, The Holy Bible.
  3. You must develop a relationship with him through prayer. Speak to him and listen for his response.
  4. The more you start learning his word, the more you will start changing how you live and the closer you will be to God in relationship.
  5. The stronger your faith grows, the more you will be able to endure!

As you develop a relationship with Christ, remember that life still goes on around you. There will be good and bad situations. Some will last for a day. Some will last for a week. Some will seem like they will never go away. Always remember that God is not to blame for your bad situations, but he can certainly calm your fears, hurt, anger, and disappointments if you let him. He will speak to you and you will know what you should do. If he allows you to go through a bad situation, he will give you peace. He will comfort you. He will strengthen you through the process. When he tells you that you need to get out of the situation, then follow his lead. If he instructs you to stay in it, believe me he has a plan to work it out. We want all of the blessings, but we are not willing to complete the course that leads to the blessing. There are no short cuts in kingdom living. Everything has an appointed time. So, how much more do you have to take?  Not necessarily a right or wrong answer, but a simple answer would be as much as God wills for you to take. Remember, he won’t allow you to go through something that he can’t bring you out of. Jesus followed all the way until death and God resurrected him…Follow his lead. No matter how dark or dead the situation is, with God, it will always end in life!

Be encouraged.

T Brown