The Things We Resist Persist

This is so simple and yet so true! Choose to make a change in your life. Thank you for such a motivating post!


Sometimes there are minor changes that would make such a major difference when it comes to our happiness. I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is that keeps me from doing them. Here is a perfect example and I am almost embarrassed to share it.

For weeks now I have been going to bed pretty aggravated. For whatever reason, the feather comforter is on the bed upside down. I know this because when I cozy myself to the exact place I like to snuggle up with my pillow, there is a tag waiting to stick in my face. I just simply pull the covers over until it is out of my way. Enter husband. Sometime, after I am long asleep, my husband comes to bed. He too wants some covers, so when he pulls them over himself that annoying little tag ends up you know where…

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