A Moment of Reflection

While I was on the airplane, I thought about the preparation before the take off. Everyone has to be seated with seatbelts fastened. All carry on luggage has to be properly stored. Electronis off. Seats upright. They go through the same safety briefing on every flight. It seems like such a long, slow process to get ready for take off. Then the plane slowly drives around the runway until it is in position and awaits its turn for take off. Then all of a sudden, it moves forward full speed and is soaring in the air in a matter of seconds.
This is how our Christian journey feels sometimes. We do all of this studying, praying, fasting, and preparing for God to move in our lives. We have to put things in order, let go of dead weight, and wait until our turn for the blessing. It is important for us to get in position and be ready to take off in an instant. Your situation can go from preparation to take off, just like that!
Don’t be discouraged if it seems like the preparation period is long. It will only lead to a good take off and a comfortable flight. Be encouraged and wait on God. This too shall pass.

T Brown