I Need Help!


I don’t generally watch too many reality shows because I dislike all of the drama. But I was recently led to watch an episode of The Preachers of L.A. On this particular episode, there was a young man, named Justin, who was homeless, strung out on drugs, and addicted to alcohol. A young lady and Pastor Haizlip went out on the streets to find him, talk to him, and invite him to church. The next night he eventually showed up to church, but he was extremely high. He brought his drink with him, finished it off during service, and then passed out. It literally brought me to tears. But, the day before, there was a conversation that took place and the Pastor asked him when did this downward spiral begin. He said, “I miss my mom.”  When he was eighteen, his mother died and it broke his heart and destroyed his life. He hasn’t been able to function since.

I wonder how many Justins are out there today. Slowly dying in their depression and addiction and clueless about how to get free. He lay on the sidewalk and people walked by him as if this was the norm. When the pastor showed up, Justin whispered, “I need help.” He knew the condition of his life was detrimental. When we see people just like Justin, do we get close enough to hear them whispering, “I need help?” Do we take the time to try to help them through their situation or do we just want to tell them how bad their situation is? When someone is homeless, you can’t preach faith until you have given them a roof over their head. When they are hungry you need to feed them before you can tell them about the Lord. When they are addicted, you have to provide a support system as well as the counseling, and steps necessary to make sure they come out and stay out. It doesn’t matter if the addiction is drugs, sex, food or something else. Jesus will always be the answer to our problems. He will always be the only way to heaven. Jesus will always be the key to our healing. But when people don’t have Jesus in their life, we are the ones who can show them how to get to him.

Jeremiah 31:3 (b clause) therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.

Let’s take the ministry of Jesus Christ beyond just preaching about sin. Let’s reach out and literally help those that God places on our path. If they don’t have transportation to get to church, go and pick them up. If they don’t have the basic necessities in life, you can be a provider and they will see Jesus through you. God is the source that provides your resources. You are not blessed to buy more, have more, and want more. You have been blessed to do more!

Genesis 1:22 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing:

Your blessing will give them hope. Your love will give them encouragement. Your  giving will overwhelm them and they are going to want to know about this Jesus that is in you. Then they will ask, “What must I do to be saved?” Their whole world may be dark right now, but you can be the light shining to the door that can lead them out. Let the love of Jesus shine through you and change somebody’s life. And if you are in a dark place don’t be afraid to reach out. Help is all around you. Send a message that says, “I need help.” Whisper through your tears to someone who is near you, “I need help.”  Those three words may save your life! Jesus is the answer and we want to lead you to him. Please share this and help spread the gospel. Jesus is good news!

T Brown