Victory Is Yours!


I just saw the cutest commercial ever, and it had a little girl walking confidently into the school cafeteria with her new Converse tennis shoes on. She tells the lunch lady to keep the change. She even props her feet up on the lunch table and asks, “Anybody Sitting Here?” The commercial’s handle is:

“We’re not just selling back-to-school shoes; we’re selling straight up confidence.”

Ok, this is where I have a hard time. You are selling confidence…..hmmmm? I am a mother of three children and two of them are school age. I know what it is like, in 2014, to have confidence, nice clothes, and nice name brand shoes. But I can promise you that confidence is not coming from any store. We give our children a false confidence when we teach them that it comes from artificial and material things.  If we are teaching them that shoes will make them confident, what happens when they can’t afford a pair of name brand shoes? If we teach them that it comes from getting your hair and nails done, how will they feel when times get hard they can’t afford it? Where is their confidence now? We have to teach them that things don’t make the person, but the person makes the things. So they even ended the commercial with this quote:

“Famous Footwear, victory is yours.”

Ok, that is where I draw the line. Yes, victory is yours, but not because of Famous Footwear. We need to teach our children that the victory is theirs through Jesus Christ. There are going to be good days and bad days. They are going to be picked on, laughed at, and sometimes treated badly and nicely. But they still have the victory no matter what is going on around them. Some of our children are bullies and some have been bullied, but no matter which side of the fence they find themselves on, their action and reaction will come from within. I am in no way downing the commercial because it is really cute, and I understand the essence of what they were trying to portray, but when my baby girl comes home upset about something the kids are teasing her about, trust me I won’t be saying, “Famous Footwear, victory is yours.” I will be hugging her and drying her tears and letting her know how beautiful she is and saying,

“Through Jesus Christ, in Jesus Christ, and because of Jesus Christ, VICTORY IS YOURS!”

T Brown