It’s Independence Day, Are You Really Free?

Independence Day! This is a day that we celebrate the United States Declaring their Independence! And thank God for it! But have you declared your freedom?

Are you still bound up in depression on a day that we celebrate? Are you held down under the hands of an oppressor who is controlling your every move? Are you looking to get out of an abusive situation, but too afraid to move? It is time for you to declare your independence and get free!

Getting free takes faith.  The United States didn’t know what the outcome would be when they took that big step. But here we are 100s of years later and still, “Let Freedom Ring.” Whatever is keeping you bound, there is a way out. Jesus died to make us free from our sins. There are shelters for the abused. There is hope for the hopeless. It is Independence Day and many of you need a reason to celebrate. Look at yourself in the mirror and even if you don’t like what you see, “You are a reason to celebrate!” Today is your independence day.

Declare today that you are free from bondage. Declare today that you are free from what others think about you. Declare today that you are free from all sin and captivity. Declare today that you are free from the abusive relationship, whether natural or spiritual. Declare today that you are free from the victim mentality. Declare today that you are free from the stench of molestation and rape. Declare today that you are worth living. Declare today that you are free from thoughts of suicide. Declare your Independence and celebrate your freedom! Celebrate the new beginnings that you will face tomorrow. It is Independence Day and you too can be free!! There is help, There is hope!

I hope this encouraged someone and please share. You don’t know who may need it.

T Brown


Jesus Christ– only one prayer away

Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women

For Drug and Alcohol Recovery

National Suicide Prevention  1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Coping with Grief and Loss


This book gives…

This book gives a wonderful, transparent view of the first years of marriage despite the details of your unique marriage. I wish I had had this book at the beginning of my marriage. I felt some of the same emotions and had some of the same thoughts however my husband and I were both believers but I still remember having most of the same thoughts and emotions. I chose to hold on!
Thank you for being transparent in your experience and sharing! So many times we think that we are the only one going through tough times and that it is unnatural but by sharing your experience many will be able to relate and will be able to make a clear choice to hold on!

This was a review for Women in the Waiting.  The reader titled it Highly recommended for new brides! Please gift this book to someone. Marriage should last forever!!

Women in the Waiting is available on Barnes & Noble,, and Westbow Press.

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Thank you for being a blessing and I pray that you are blessed in return!