This book gives…

This book gives a wonderful, transparent view of the first years of marriage despite the details of your unique marriage. I wish I had had this book at the beginning of my marriage. I felt some of the same emotions and had some of the same thoughts however my husband and I were both believers but I still remember having most of the same thoughts and emotions. I chose to hold on!
Thank you for being transparent in your experience and sharing! So many times we think that we are the only one going through tough times and that it is unnatural but by sharing your experience many will be able to relate and will be able to make a clear choice to hold on!

This was a review for Women in the Waiting.  The reader titled it Highly recommended for new brides! Please gift this book to someone. Marriage should last forever!!

Women in the Waiting is available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, and Westbow Press.

You can also purchase it directly from me, please see the 4th of July special on http://www.bfmimpactcenter.com under Ministries “Women in the Waiting”

Thank you for being a blessing and I pray that you are blessed in return!